If Dory Gets a Sequel, We Think Olaf Should, Too

by Rachel Semigran

We all need a little something to get us through the day, and today, that little something is the rumor surrounding Frozen 2. But as soon as we all got our hopes Alpine high, we were forced to let it go as writer-director Jennifer Lee announced a sequel is most certainly not in the works. According to E! News, Lee commented, "We're actually not working on a Frozen 2... We'll see. Never say never. We are going to take a break and try something new maybe, see what happens." Though Frozen 2 isn’t happening right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not at least a possibility for the future. And a raise of hands who thinks “Never Say Never” will be the title of the smash hit song from Frozen 2. Anyone? Anyone?

Thankfully, the lords of Disney do heed the call when fans demand more of a good thing. Disney sequels are a lucrative business. In fact, Disney sequels are some of the finest films in the company’s history (hello Toy Story, trilogy) while others are a little less successful (what even WAS The Lion King 1 ½ ?). We have high hopes for the next sequel, Finding Dory — the follow-up to the heartfelt under-the-sea journey of Finding Nemo.

Some could argue that a Frozen sequel might ruin the nearly pitch-perfect performance of the film. However, perhaps taking the Finding Nemo route and doing a spin-off of its most memorable character might be the right ticket. We’d put our money on Olaf’s Bogus Journey any day of the week.

In that vein, here are all the ways Olaf and Dory are actually the same and totally deserving of their own movies. Enjoy!

What they lack in common sense, they make up for in chutzpa

They have a child-like wonder in their approach to life

They have no qualms facing danger head-on

Sometimes they lose track of things

The person/fish they are taking care of has a debilitating problem

Be it anxiety, or having your body frozen from the inside.

They have the best catch-phrases

And the best jokes

Their loyalty will melt your heart

They totally steal the show

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