A Little Comfort From A Famous Face

Like when Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban head to a children's hospital in Australia to sing "Amazing Grace," there isn't much a celebrity presence can do to ease the day-to-day realities of intense illness. That's not to say, though, that it can't help to ease the situation through comfort or distraction — which might be why this story of a young girl dying hours after Miley Cyrus sent her a video message is hitting so hard.

The young girl in question was 12-year-old Caley Camarillo, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis years ago. Cyrus and Camarillo had been in touch before; the pair met a few years back, and Cyrus sent her most recent message just an hour before Camarillo died. In a time of indescribable pain, Caley's mother Theresa Camarillo wrote on facebook about what the message meant to her and to Caley:

I just wanted to share how things go full circle. Miley Cyrus was the very first celebrity that Caley was into and the very first celebrity that she met. Miley sent this video to Caley and she was able to watch it an hour before she passed. She managed to let out a smile. I take great comfort in this for some reason.

During an experience like that any small comfort makes a difference.

You can watch Cyrus' message below:

And you can donate to the Camarillo family here and help them fulfill her last wishes of having her ashes spread at all the places she never got to go to because of her disease.