Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's "Amazing Grace" Performance Was Pretty Graceful — VIDEO

There's something that can feel a little off about watching a clip of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban singing together at a children's hospital, and coming away from it all like, "Well, that seemed like a good time." But it did! Kidman and Urban, man — they should totally just pick some musical pair to do a biopic on and bring this act to the big screen.

Kidman and Urban recently visited a Monash Children's Hospital in Clayton, Australia, and they decided to spend some of their time serenading the people there. They sang "Amazing Grace" and proved that, yes indeedy, Kidman and Urban are adorable, and their voices pair wonderfully. It also takes us back to Kidman's Moulin Rouge days, which we really wish she'd revisit with another musical.

Really, though, this video will give you all sorts of visions of Kidman and Urban — who've been married since 2006 — singing around campfires and cocktail parties around the world. And while we're pretty confident that patients in that hospital have ailments that the presence of famous faces can't exactly cure, sing-a-longs can be a delightful way to pass the time — so having one with Nicole Kidman seems like it could rock.

monashhealth on YouTube

And in case you needed more of their singing together (and Kidman dancing awkwardly):