'Real Housewives of Orange County's "Not a Good Day In LA" Is A Bad Day in the OC for Shannon

Shannon Beador’s storyline took a turn for the womp womp, didn’t it? I like Shannon—yes, even after last week's carefrontation debacle—so Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County left me with a heavy heart. Ack, you caught me: I’m being melodramatic. My heart is totally fine and not heavy. What effect, if any, did the ep have on my body? Um, I believe I furrowed my brow and held my breath.

Why did I furrow my breath and hold my brow? (That's a Willy Wonka typo, but I'm leaving it.) The Shannon/David Beador drama. Namely, that email from David. HOLY CRAP. He told his wife of many years that he wants her to move out for a while VIA EMAIL. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!

Okay, I'm sure that sort of thing happens. And it isn't the worst thing that's ever happened in the history of ever. And I suppose an email is a better harsh news delivery option than a Post-It, yeah? Erm wait. I'm undecided. Both are freakin' wonky. Boo to both.

After the email popped up in her inbox, Shannon turned to Tamra Judge for emotional support. Shannon told Tamra she wants to feel more important to David, wants David to want to make more time for the two of them, wants to feel like they're a couple, et cetera. Not only was she worried about their relationship, but she was worried the kids notice something is amiss. It was all very sad.

Before I could let myself get really worked up over the email and the heart-to-heart with Tamra, I remembered something: The Internet exists. Not only does it exist, but it is a place teeming with current information about my favorite reality stars. So, doye, I researched whether or not Shannon and David weathered the email storm.

There's some speculation that they've secretly split up, and yes, their house is on the market. BUT! Multiple sources report the Beadors are still together. AND! In her latest post on the ol' BravoTV blog, Shannon says she and David are working on and improving their relationship. She uses the present tense. So, it sounds like the email (or the other issues) didn't sink the Beador ship.

Enough about the present! The RHOC season takes place in the past. We must stay present in the past. What past drama do we have to look forward to airing on our TV screens in the future? Tamra probably told Heather about the email (and probably hinted at a possible divorce), Heather probably told people about it, and Heather and Shannon have it out.


Image: Bravo