'Masters of Sex' Talk Involves Dildos and More

Tuesday's TCA panel told us hardly anything new about Showtime's upcoming Masters of Sex, but effectively reinforced that we're extremely excited about it.

Masters of Sex debuts Sep. 29th (right after the Homeland premiere) and tells the story of William Masters and Virginia Johnson (played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan), a team of researchers who pioneered the scientific study of human sexuality in the '50s.

At their panel today, the show's cast and crew commented on the show's risqué sexual content, and the comedy that naturally arises in a drama about uncomfortable situations:

"We're not really going for a joke. I mean, if you put a dildo in front of Beau Bridges' face, people are gonna laugh," Caplan responded to one reporter, "But the actual work that was done by the real people does a lot of that work for us inherently some of the situations that are depicted on the show were ridiculous, but they were factually accurate ... We're not trying to pull a bunch of jokes or anything, but there are definitely moments of levity in this show."

In regards to the level of discomfort involved in taping Masters of Sex, Sheen made this cheeky comment:

"I think maybe for me and Lizzy more than anyone else, after seeing so many people so naked with so many bizarre things in front of you, that inevitably you just get used to it [...] I never thought that I would get used to having a naked woman in front of me masturbating in front of me with a glass dildo ... but I actually broke that barrier."

Mark your calendars, guys.