Oh My God, Becky, Look at This Rap

Move over, Eminem. Brian Williams is still coming for your career. Thanks to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams, the host of NBC Nightly News, has become a rap legend. Between Williams' cover of "Gin & Juice" and that time Williams did "Rollout (My Business)", it's pretty much a given at this point that if Williams were ever to release a full album of rap covers we would all line up to buy a copy. Now, your rap nostalgia is about to become complete with The Tonight Show's latest rap cover of Brian Williams doing "Baby Got Back". Somewhere, Jimmy Fallon and his video editor are saying, "You're welcome."

"Baby Got Back" is a '90s ode to big booties written by Sir Mix-A-Lot who, contrary to popular belief, did release a lot of other music. None of his songs were as big as his one-hit-wonder, however, and there are still people who can rap the entire song from memory (myself included). It's a common staple at parties and at karaoke bars and now on the NBC Nightly News, apparently. Okay, no, it's not, but Williams should definitely consider at least ending his news sessions with one of Fallon's rap videos. After all, it's not many people who can say that they're a well-respected news anchor and hip hop artist.

Williams even gets an assistance with one line from Kathie Lee Gifford, just in case you weren't already choking on your coffee in laughter. Maybe he won't need to release an album. Maybe we'll get lucky and Jimmy Fallon, who is clearly his manager, will release it to iTunes for us. Fingers crossed, people

Watch the mash-up video below.