15 Adorable Thank You Cards That Will Instantly Brighten Up Anyone's Day

What with texting, email, and hilarious Internet gifs that just about say it all for you, it's hard to recall the last time I sent out a hand-written thank you card — and that's a shame. I remember back in the day my mother practically forced me to send thank you notes out to any family member who kindly sent me a birthday gift, but of course, I never wanted to write anything — I just wanted to play The Sims. Jeez, mom!

As it turns out, she might have been on to something. Thank you cards may be a tradition of the past, but they are a quick and easy way to let your loved ones know that you are grateful to have them in your life, and hey, everyone likes to feel appreciated, right? Thus, I move that we bring them back. Who’s with me?! To help get the ball rolling, I’ve rounded up 15 of the cutest and most unique thank you cards out there to help you say, well, thank you. Trust me — it takes about five seconds to write a quick note, and it will brighten up just about anyone's day.

by Corinne Caputo

Merci Card

Is there a fancier way to say “thank you” than in French?

Merci Card, $5,

Merci Beaucoup Card

Nope, we didn’t think so.

Merci Beaucoup Card, $4,

Thank You So Much Pennants

These pennants are so much better than any old college flag you might have hanging up.

Thank You So Much Card, $5,

Red Camellia Thank You Card

You can fill this colorful thank you note with colorful language (I’m talking about adjectives, not curses).

Red Camellia Thank You Card, $4.50,

Bunting Flag Thanks

I want this card and that dress.

Bunting Flag Thanks, $4.50,

Thank You Bouquet Card

Flowers are lovely, and so are hand-written notes. You get two in one with this sweet card.

Thank You Card, $4.50,

Thank You Oh So Much Card

I would say I detect a hint of sarcasm here, but I know that can’t be true with a card as cute as this.

Thank You Oh So Much Card, $4,

Thank You Ducks Card

Nothing says “thank you” quite like a few super cute ducks.

Thank You Card, $4.50,

Thank Ewe Card

Don’t be sheepish — say thank you with this adorable (and clever!) card.

Thank Ewe Card, $4.50,

Thanks a Bunch Card

Consider sending along a bunch of flowers to accompany this cute card.

Thanks A Bunch Card, $7,

Thank You Inkblot Card

These inkblots are perfect for a handwritten note.

Thank You Inkblot Card, $4.50,

With Thanks Favor Tags

These tiny tags are the perfect (and probably simplest) way to show gratitude.

With Thanks Favor Tags, $12,

Thank You Muchly Card

Don’t forget to tell your special someone thanks, too.

Thank You Muchly Card, $4.50,

Danke Schon Card

No matter what language you use, people love to hear that they are appreciated.

Danke Schon Card, $4,

Thanks Letterpress Card

This floral letterpress card is as lovely as the sentiment it expresses.

Thanks Letterpress Card, $5,