'Bachelorette' Andi Ignores Marquel & Andrew Argument and Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

If you asked someone to recap Monday night's Bachelorette, chances are they would acknowledge one of the night's bigger moments: the racist comment contestant Andrew Poole reportedly made about Marquel Martin, and the argument Marquel had with him over said comment. But for some reason, Andi Dorfman completely glossed over the race issue when she wrote her Bachelorette blog for People. Instead, she went into lengthy detail about her three dates and even discussed the drama between Nick and some of the other guys. Yet, she makes no mention of the Marquel incident.

Since she didn't recap it or respond to it, here's a brief summary: A couple of the guys approached Marquel to inform him that Andrew made a racist comment during the first rose ceremony. According to the guys Andrew said, "She gave [roses] to the two blackies" referring to Marquel and the already-eliminated Ron. (I don't need to go into detail with you about why that's a bad word to use because I assume you have an intelligence higher than 15-year-old Justin Bieber.)

Marquel was understandably hurt by this. He even teared up on camera as he talked about how once again he wasn't noticed for his personality, but for his skin.

I hate getting emotional over it but ... look, it's crazy to think the first thing people are going to recognize about me is "OK, he's a black guy." ... It would be nice to not be seen as, "Hey, this is the black guy." But I guess that's what it is.

He eventually decided to bring the issue up with Andrew, who flatly denied the whole thing.

Whether or not Andrew said the word can't ever be proven, but there's another issue here: Andi just pretended like the whole thing didn't happen.

All she had to say was a simple, "I hope Andrew wouldn't say something like that," or "I understand why Marquel needed to address it." Seriously, anything to show that Andi's not completely unaware. I know that the biggest part of this show is about "falling in love," but for Andi to ignore a pretty major argument and Marquel's feelings just so she could spend more paper-space gushing about her date with Josh? It seems kind of cold.

This was clearly an issue that hit home for Marquel and made him very emotional. He deserved more in Andi's blog than a passing mention that he went home that week.