7 Pasta Sauce Recipes You Should Know How to Cook Because You’re Better than a Can

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So you made your own pasta. You rolled it out into golden sheets of dough and sliced it all into beautiful ribbons. You dipped them in a pot of boiling water and came out with the most glorious, tender slivers of pasta. And then, you whipped out the canned tomato sauce.

Please. Your pasta deserves better. Even if you opt for boxed spaghetti, a homemade sauce will make you feel like Mario Batali — minus, you know, the multimillion-dollar empire. We’ve rounded up the essential sauces to start with, from a simple brown butter to a hearty ragu. They’ll be your lifelong mainstays, the ones you turn to when you have next to nothing in your pantry. Whip them up, put them in your recipe box, and keep them close at hand — these sauces will never fail you.

Image: Lady and Pups

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