First Photo of Christian Grey Is Here!

by Mallory Schlossberg

Now you'll know what Anastasia Steele was talking about. The first movie still from Fifty Shades of Grey is here, and you can now feel the sensation of having Christian Grey give you a smoldering stare. Jamie Dornan looks good. Also... that's all there is — there's no steamy giveaways or anything. The photo features Christian Grey in a leather jacket, driving a car. Chill your inner goddesses, ladies! (That's right — I read the book. I actually made a point to read it while on the subway just to see other people's reactions as I remained totally casual, but that's beside the point.)

Still, this photo is the most we've seen of Dornan as Mr. Grey as of yet — all we've had so far was his back via the movie's first official poster, which stated that "Mr. Grey will see you now," when in fact, we knew Mr. Grey wouldn't see us until Feb. 2015. Fortunately, now that we've got this photo, it's like he's sorta seeing us — you can feel the power of his BDSM-lite gaze, awakening the sexual siren in all of the repressed suburban moms across America.

And fun fact? It's Christian Grey's birthday today! That's why the photo was released. But how does one really celebrate Christian Grey's birthday? I'll leave that up to you, Internet. To each her own.

But anyway, Mr. Grey will see you NOW. (Or, perhaps more accurately, you will see Mr. Grey now.)