This 'Fault In Our Stars' Fun Fact Is Going to Crush You Even More

Well, dammit. We thought we were through with The Fault In Our Stars, or at least through letting our emotions be pulled around endlessly by The Fault In Our Stars. We read the book and cried, we saw the movie and cried, we got nostalgic over how far the community surrounding John Green and the Vlogbrothers have come and, yes, we admit it, we cried. We've done our duty, dammit! So why are we still letting The Fault In Our Stars tidbits crush our emotions like this?

But what exactly is crushing our emotions? This new fun fact we were just informed of. It really puts the fun in fun fact, by which I mean it hurts like hell! Yay! Are you ready?

Are you sure you're ready? There are The Fault In Our Stars spoilers below, so do not venture past this point if you're in the position to care about being spoiled.

You see that shirt up there? The one Hazel was wearing in the scene where the phone rings in the middle of the night and her parents come in to tell her that Gus has died? The one she's wearing as she voice-overs that she's been through devastating physical illness — in fact is still going through devastating physical illness — but that this is the most pain she's ever felt in her life?

Yeah, she totally got that shirt from Augustus Waters. As BuzzFeed points out, it's the same shirt as this one:

He wears it a couple of times during the movie: When they first meet and when they go to egg Isaac's ex-girlfriend Monica's house. And thn Hazel wears it to sleep in while Gus is dying.

That is just plain rude, Josh Boone. Rude. Although yes, it makes us appreciate Boone's directing even more — this is a movie riddled with little shout-outs, after all.

John Watson really said it best:

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