He's Teaming up with Zorro in a Graphic Novel?

The only Tarantino film that currently has a sequel is Kill Bill, which has Vol. 2, and soon will gain Vol. 3. Now Tarantino has made a groundbreaking decision to create another sequel, this time to Django Unchained . But this sequel will not be simply Django Unchained, Vol. 2, because it's a crossover Django-Zorro graphic novel. Although Tarantino is calling this a "sequel," it sounds like it will be a different project altogether, with a new main character to boot.

It has been confirmed that the novel will pick up where the movie left off, meaning that the integration of the Zorro character and storyline might be tough. Tarantino's co-creator Matt Wagner for the book, which will be published by DC Comics. Wagner is the creator of the Grendel series, as well as contributor to Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and a few different series involving Batman, so Tarantino's Django is in good hands. It will be interesting to see how Django and Zorro meet, whether one of them emerges as the stronger hero, and how Wagner will style the classic Tarantino violence in graphic-novel form. I'm personally rooting for a splash page of Django on his horse to start the book, but who knows what Tarantino and Wagner will create. NO matter the plot details, this pop culture cross-pollination is sure to be a crazy ride.