Another Record-Breaking 'Game Of Thrones'

Another week, another record set by Game Of Thrones. It is not, as some might assume, the record of how many different, horrible ways you can end a human life (shot on the privy! Head squeezed like a grape!). It is, rather, another Game Of Thrones piracy record. That's right: Even more people watched Game Of Thrones finale "The Children" illegally than have watched other episodes of the show illegally. It seems like pretty soon Game Of Thrones will be setting records for how frequently a show can set piracy records.

The number of people who illegally downloaded the episode within 12 hours of it airing is 1.5 million, with TorrentFreak estimating that the number will rise to 7.5 million (translation: a shit-ton) in the coming weeks — numbers that will likely once again land the show at the top of the (usually un-coveted) "most torrented shows" list. Anyone who's ever tried to use HBO Go during peak hours likely knows the gut feeling behind the torrents.

Of course, it's not like the show's hurting for the illegal activity surrounding it: The fourth season has the distinction of having made Game Of Thrones HBO's most-watched show in the history of the network, so execs over there likely remain pretty pleased by it.

Image: HBO