'Game Of Thrones' Broke Another Ratings Record Last Night After A Scandalous Week

Last Sunday's episode of Game Of Thrones provided heated watercooler condemnations and debates for the entire week following it. Some people claimed this was the end of their rope, that they were quitting the show forever; some people just wanted to see what the show would do next. And so the show went on — and this week's Game Of Thrones episode broke yet another ratings record. In a not-so-shocking twist, it turns out controversy's good for a show's numbers.

Those who tracked the outrage over last week's rape scene are likely will aware that the majority of those involved in the making of the show did not themselves view the scene as strictly a rape. This is incredibly problematic, of course, and it means big, destructive things for whatever will come of Jaime Lannister's "redemption" arc — and whether the audience will be able to accept that arc at all.

One thing the director and performer's denial of the rape means, though? Is that if you were expecting this next episode to address the elephant in the room you were tragically mistaken. This episode treated audiences to more of badass old lady Olenna Tyrell, yes; it also held some striking resemblance to Harry Potter . Sadly, though — and likely given a combination of the behind-the-scenes obliviousness and the fact that production schedules don't exactly allow productions of this nature to alter things based on the demands of the public — it wasn't exactly full of remorse over last week.

Regardless, people tuned in. A lot of people, in fact: About 300,000 more than last week, wherein people were already tuning in to see what would happen in the wake of King Joffrey's death. At this point in the season it's probably safe to say at least some of Game Of Thrones' live audience is built off of people just curious to see what they'll do after the bombshells of the week before.

The episode scored 6.9 million viewers total, beating the show's previous high of 6.635 million for this season's premiere.

If you're feeling bitter that their complete and utter fumbling of that rape scene is what landed them this record, you can seek solace in the fact that they're still the most pirated show on television — by far.

Images: HBO; Time Out