Queen Elizabeth Will Visit 'Game of Thrones' Set

The chant may be "long live the Queen!" but if she's heading to the set of Game of Thrones she better be careful because living is not a thing people often do all that often on the HBO series. Still, it's a very exciting thing, Queen Elizabeth visiting the set of Game of Thrones . It's an occasion so momentous we feel it's only fitting to give her a cameo or something. Lucky for you: we know just the potential parts!

After all, this is bona fide royalty coming to set, visiting a wee show about a battle of kings and queens in a fantastical setting. Surely there'd be nothing better than outfitting the Queen in something particularly Khaleesi-esque and sitting her atop the Iron Throne. We wouldn't even need the dragons — though the corgis would be a more than acceptable stand-in for this.

If you're curious as to why the esteemed Queen of England might be visiting the set, it's likely because Game of Thrones is the biggest TV production in all of Europe, majorly bolstering the local economy of Belfast by a reported $140 million. That's a lot of coin, my friends!

Still, it would be a gift to her (and to us) if she were considered for a wee cameo role. We're not asking for much, just a glimpse. She could play Lady Olenna's sister, or mayhaps the Ghost of High Heart (a prophesying old lady)? What if they modeled the Crone in the Faith of the Seven after her and plastered it around the Red Keep? Heck: what about a septa?

If it were up to us completely, the role she should really play is obvious: the White Walkin' lady better known as the Night's Queen. Admit it: it'd be perfect, no?

We'd take any of these. Just throw us a bone here. Please?