Reactions to Chelsea Handler's Netflix Talk Show Vary From Very Excited to Total Disgust

Chelsea Handler has finally found the place to extend her late-night reign, and it's a perfect fit: Netflix. Handler will be hosting a new talk show on the television streaming service starting in 2016. Handler will air the final episode of her show on E!, Chelsea Lately , in August and has been publicly joking about the network in the meantime. But while CBS dismissed Handler as a contender for David Letterman's Late Show spot, Handler has been strongly hinting about how much she admires the freedom and innovation over at Netflix. So today, both parties announced their happy union, and it seems that a new era in late night has begun.

But not everyone is cheery about this new partnership in entertainment. Handler is already a figure who inspires both admiration and disdain — after all, her assistant on Chelsea Lately, Chuy Bravo, is frequently the butt of racial jokes. And with shows like Orange Is the New Black, Netflix is often seen as being at the forefront of a new age in television, which usually implies single-camera shooting, innovative shows, and diverse casts. So what does Handler's hiring mean to the masses? We took to Twitter to find out:

The Fans

The Haters

The Innovators