She's Getting A Netflix Talk Show!

Are you there vodka? Yes, you are, indeed! One of television's reigning Queens of Candor, Chelsea Handler, is getting a Netflix talk show. This means that after Chelsea Lately signs off on August 26, we'll know exactly where to go to find Handler (and you all know exactly where to find me, too — in my sweatpants, watching Netflix).

There had been talk about Handler getting a Netflix show for some time, but she remained pretty tight-lipped about any potential upcoming gigs. After all, she had been rumored to have been a potential successor to The Late Show earlier in the spring, which sorted of clouded what was plausible and what was not. But after those rumors were cleared up, she asserted that she could never host a talk show on a regular network because she's got a pretty filthy mouth. But we love her for that, and what's more is that her filthy mouth and lack of a censor make Netflix an excellent home.

And Handler has confirmed that it's exactly where she wants to be. She said:

If I was going to continue working in this industry, I knew I had to do something outside the box to keep myself interested [...]I wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch so I approached Netflix to make sure they were as cool as I thought they were, and when I confirmed my suspicions, like with any other future lover, I made my move. I’m more excited than I’ve been in awhile, and the team at Netflix is the most forward thinking, alert group I’ve sat down with in ages. No offense to the Shahs Of Sunset.

And Netflix agrees that Handler's a perfect fit. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said:

The Internet has disrupted many of the conventions of traditional television and together with Chelsea Handler, Netflix is looking forward to re-imagining the late night talk show for the on-demand generation, starting with the late night part.

The talk show will launch in 2016 (why must you make me wait, television?!), and on top of that, Handler will also film a standup special and four docu-comedy specials. You can't accuse the woman of not keeping busy.

Hell, yes Netflix. You continue to hold my heart. Now excuse me, while I pour myself some vodka in the honor of Ms. Handler's new show.