Lizzy Caplan Brilliantly Jokes About How Hard Men Have It in Comedy — VIDEO

It's high time someone gave men a chance to be funny in comedy. Women take all the roles! I'm kidding, you guys. And so is Lizzy Caplan, in her funny send-up of women in comedy. In this interview on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Caplan gives men the side-eye that women usually get, by deadpanning that yes, women get too many opportunities in comedy, and we need to give men a chance.

But it's hard for men, says Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts. Why? Because, well, their super large penises get in the way (get the parallel?). It is really very hard to focus on a guy's jokes when all you can think about his enormous dick. It's hard to hear! The dick drowns out all of the sound!

You get the gist. We need more deadpan, funny commentary on women in comedy like this because the ridiculousness of it all points out just how insane people's excuses are when it comes to skimping on the funny lady roles. Ellie Kemper did a send-up of this, too, when she satirized the comedy industry with an an essay in GQ titled Can Men Be Funny ?. In the piece, she riffed with feigned incredulity at men's abilities to crack jokes. The piece was pretty damn funny, but the comments were funnier — some people didn't get that she was joking about the male sex's ability to be humorous (she wasn't joking about how idiotic it is that people doubt women's comedic abilities).

Caplan is doing the same here. She's pointing out how dumb it is that people don't think women can be funny, without straight up saying it. She does damn good job, too. High five to you, Lizzy Caplan. (PS— Janis Ian forever. Also, why aren't you watching Caplan on Masters of Sex? )

Check it out below: