Is This 'Marry Harry' Couple Still Together?

It's been nine months since I Wanna Marry Harry stopped filming, so are Kimberly Birch and Matt Hicks still together? The winning couple of the now-canceled FOX series walked off the show together, but since then, have been forced to spend time apart until the show finished airing. Currently, Birch and Hicks are living in New York and England, respectively. In Matt Hicks's statement to Bustle, he says, "We live in different countries [so] it has been hard to sustain a romantic relationship."

But now that the show is over and they can be seen in public, the pair is more hopeful. "We text regularly and we have been trying our best to further this relationship that we started on the show." Birch tells me. "And we're hopefully planning a trip sometime this year, whether he comes to New York or I go visit him in England."

Hicks' statement echoes her feelings: "Now that we can be more public about our relationship, we will decide next steps together. Regardless, both on the show and now there is most certainly chemistry between us."

Though neither of them uses the word "dating," they seem upbeat about their future and having time to get to know one another off camera. For Birch, that's meant getting to know the "real" Matt, who she says is a lot like his on-camera counterpart. "Other than the cast and all the lavish dates and whatnot, Matt was able to show us most of who he really is," she says. "To me, Matt was Matt the whole time. He's very charming and down-to-earth, and he's a great listener and very nice. Who I got to know on the show, for the most part, is who I think Matt really is."

On the show, Hicks was not the playful hoaxer many predicted he'd be. He was genuinely in awe of having the attention of so many beautiful girls, and he felt bad for lying to them. Throughout his time on the show, he maintained how important it was that he be as much himself as possible since his goal at the end of everything... was to find love.

And as the finale indicated, it seems like he's found it with Birch, who concluded the final episode by saying, "It’s one of the hardest things to find a real connection with someone. So if I won anything, I won that.”

It's good to know that their connection wasn't fake like the show's premise — Birch and Hicks might actually get their own version of a happily ever after.

Images: Fox, Martha Sorren