How Well Do Your Parents Know 'Harry Potter'?

It's summertime and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter exists, so naturally people are flocking down there en masse. Even though Universal's Diagon Alley doesn't open until July, there are still plenty of shops and parks to explore so you can have a good time and celebrate your love for Harry Potter. Apparently, if you were really lucky, you could also run into the staff of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Although Fallon himself wasn't present, a Tonight Show writer did wander around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the purposes of a new sketch. The Tonight Show's "Mom and Pop Quiz: Harry Potter Edition" had random people answer questions about Harry Potter. The catch? Only parents could answer and their children weren't allowed to help.

This went even worse than you might expect. The parents were completely clueless about the Harry Potter series, much to their kids' humiliation. In their defense, there were a lot of things that were on the tip of their tongue but that they couldn't quite get the name of. Voldemort became "Baldemort", Quidditch became "Flidditch", and one parent tasked with naming at least one Hogwarts House simple answered "Harry's House."

Some parents, however, were completely off the mark. One woman was asked what Voldemort's real name was and she answered, "Harry Potter." When the Tonight Show writer joked that this was the big twist of the seventh book, the woman said, "There are seven books?" Even better than the parents' puzzled responses were the frequent asides to their children, who were facepalming so hard that they had to be leaving a mark on their foreheads.

It's always lovely to have a reminder that our parents are willing to spend time and money to take us to things like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter even if they don't get it or know anything about it. However, I had expected at least one parent to get just one question right. Even if they didn't read the books, surely they must have seen the movies? Or the thousands of parodies? Quidditch is even technically a real sport now! Come on, Mom and Dad! Get it together!

Watch the video below and hope your own parents aren't this bad.

Image: Tumblr