Wayne Rooney Scores First-Ever World Cup Goal, Though It's Not Enough to Beat Uruguay

You know who really likes soccer? Er, football? The Brits, of course. Maybe that's why they went nuts when forward Wayne Rooney scored his first-ever World Cup goal on Thursday, tying the game with Uruguay 1-1 and launching a thousand memes because it's hilarious that Rooney scored. Don't ask me to explain that reason. I am not English.

Shortly after tying up the game, though, Uruguay snagged another goal, ultimately beating out England 2-1. That means England likely won't advance in the cup.

Rooney is known for being excellent in club games, perhaps the country's best player. He's a member of Manchester United, an either universally beloved or universally hated team, depending on whom you ask. He's the third-highest scorer of all time in the club. Of all time! And yet the guy's had a curse on his head. He's played in two World Cups, and in both he has kind of embarrassed himself. And never scored a goal.

That's drawn criticism from some corners of the country, and counter-criticism from others who tell the first group to "get off the back of one of our best players." Meanwhile the Telegraph called England's love for Rooney "unrequited."

Well, not today, Rooney-haters. Not today.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Today, Wayne Rooney is flying.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Here are some of the funniest tweets dispatched in the aftermath of Rooney's epic goal:

1. Hell Froze Over

Poor Rooney.

2. Rooney the Redeemer

This one, a play of Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue, is probably safely filed under "offensive."

3. Peace, H8rs

K, it is safe to say the English, a normally-reticent people, are really, really emotional about soccer.

4. Rooney Sure Showed This Guy

Rooney totally scored today.

5. And This One

6. Still Shouldering the Blame, Though

This was posted after England's loss, and got so much flak that a subsequent tweet had to explain the satire:

Whew. Calm down, football fans. It's just a game, right?