When Is Christina Aguilera Due? The Mini Xtina Will Arrive In...

Well, hello there! I assume you're here because you want to know the goings on of Christina Aguilera's womb and that's totally cool. Okay, maybe it isn't when it's phrased like that, but you just want to know when Christina Aguilera's baby is due because it will mean a mini Xtina is coming into the world and will someday be the pop star with the amazing voice our future children will look up to. Actually, that might be a little too much pressure to put on a fetus. Anyway, we have a few clues for when Aguilera will welcome her new bambina.

Aguilera's pregnancy was first revealed in February only a week after she announced that she was engaged to Matt Rutler. The child will be the first for Aguilera and Rutler and Aguilera's second child. She also has a 6-year-old son, Max, with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

Aguilera announced the gender of her baby a month later towards the end of March at a concert in Malaysia. Usually, a woman is able to find out the sex of her baby around 18 to 20 weeks, and if this was the case for Aguilera, then she would have been between four and a half and five months at the end of March. This would mean that she is due around August or September.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, 18 to 20 weeks isn't exactly a rule and it's possible she found out sooner. It's also possible that she waited a while to announce the gender after she found out. This is unlikely, though, because she did not appear pregnant at the time she made her big reveal.

The Daily Mail claims Aguilera is due this fall, but you can use the evidence presented to you and judge the situation yourself. (If that's what you're into.) As for me, I'd place my bets on August. Not that anyone should bet on this. Please, please do not bet on when Christina Aguilera is due.