Who Needs 'Frozen 2' When You Have Idina Menzel's Christmas Album Instead?

Idina Menzel sure knows what the people want. Menzel was the voice of Elsa in Frozen and is currently best known by her pseudonym Adele Dazeem (thank you, John Travolta), so you can bet that she's one of the world's favorite people right now. Then again, did she ever stop being one of the world's favorite people? Just in case you thought you couldn't love her more, Menzel has announced an upcoming Christmas album because Queen Elsa deserves an entire CD to herself, don't you think?

Menzel made the announcement during her Radio City Music Hall performance, probably because we all needed to talk about something other than Menzel's wardrobe malfunction. The album will include not only our favorite Christmas classics — though which ones she'll pick to cover is still a mystery — but also an original song called "December Prayer". The woman who gave us "Let It Go" and "Defying Gravity", to which "Let It Go" was compared favorably, is giving us an original Christmas song on her upcoming album.

At this point, listening to the Frozen album on repeat might be getting old. After all of those parody videos, you might never want to hear "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" or "Let It Go" ever, ever again. Or maybe the album is the only thing you ever listen to and you're planning on naming your first child Elsa whether it's a boy or a girl. No matter how you feel about Frozen right now, Idina Menzel working on a Christmas album will make all your dreams come true.

Either you can pretend you're listening to a happy Elsa wish you a Merry Christmas after the movie is over or you can finally listen to Idina Menzel without a Frozen reference attached to the end of each song. Then again, if a remixed or duet version of "Let It Go" isn't a bonus track on this album, then Menzel will have been missed out on a perfect opportunity.

So what steps do you need to take to listen to Elsa sing all your Christmas songs this year?

Step 1: Cry.

Step 2: Wear your holiday finest.

Step 3: Make your sister listen with you.

Step 4: Be first in line to buy a copy.

Step 5: Sing along as loud as you can.

Step 6: Listen to it again and again and again.

Is it Christmastime yet?

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