She's Got An Awkward Prom Photo Story

Hopefully, by now, you're aware of Jenny Slate. She's funny, hella talented, and super candid — she's not ashamed of her awkwardness as an adult, and it makes her all the more lovable and relatable. To that point, you must watch this video of Jenny Slate as she recounts an awkward prom photo she took... as a woman in her thirties.

Here's what happened: The Obvious Child star was asked to come back to her high school, from which she graduated as valedictorian, to give a commencement speech. Slate, however, says that she wasn't very good at being a teenager when she was a teenager (raise your hand if you can relate!) — she was a bad prom date, she wasn't liked by teenage boys, she was kinda awkward ... I FEEL YA, GIRL. But as an adult, she rocks. She even rocks so much, that a teenage boy asked her to take a prom style photo with him.

Since Slate never had this sort of attention when she was younger, the events that ensue are what she describes as "latent horniness." Me? I'll describe it as "hilarious."

You can watch her tell the story to Seth Meyers below.