See 'Thelma and Louise's Selfie 23 Years Later

Everyone has their own theory about who created the first selfie. Some say it was Bill Nye, on a plane in 1999. Others say it was the Australians a few years later, looking for a new way to describe backwards self-portraits. Many more (probably accurately) argue that it was an American guy way back in 1839. Yet if you were a star of 1991's Thelma & Louise, though, you probably think you know the truth; it was you, back in the film, who created the world's first selfie. And on Thursday, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon re-created their famous photo to prove their point, complete with an adorably appropriate caption.

"Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise," Sarandon tweeted. The photo shows the two women posing head-to-head, just like in the famous scene fans still remember well 23 years later — seriously, do either of them age? The only difference between the two photos, though, is that in the new one, there's no '90s sunglasses, excessive blue eye shadow, or Polaroid camera visible, but, you know, that's probably for the best.

Thelma and Louise fans (otherwise known as everyone, of course) should love the re-created photo, both for nostalgia's sake and as verification that two of the best movie friends in history are just as close in real life. Sarandon and Davis have been seen together over the years since the film's release, but the appearances have been few and far-between; seeing them reunite for a photo as adorable as this one warms the heart, and will make you so, so glad you only have to go to Netflix to watch the film once more.

Check out the photo below: