Critics' Choice TV Awards Honored All Your Favorite People (Uzo! Tatiana!) & The Emmys Should Take Note

We can gush over our dream Emmy nominees as much as we want, but when it comes time for the actual awards show, chances are, only a few of them will have made the cut. TV's simply too crowded to acknowledge every great actor or TV show, and even the best-intentioned Emmy voters will undoubtedly leave a few deserving contenders off their list. It's a good thing, then, that the Critics' Choice Television Awards exist, because it's the only awards show to honor all the talented, underrated, and beloved actors and TV shows that the Emmys tend to leave behind.

Just take this year's show, held on Thursday, June 19. The nominees and winners of the night's ceremony consisted of an incredible group of people and shows, and while some of them (Matthew McConaughey, The Normal Heart) are bound to receive love from TV's biggest awards show, most of them will be overlooked in favor of more popular and traditional contenders. Hopefully, though, at least a few voters were out there last night and saw what an awards show should really be like. Emmys, take note: seven moments from the Critics' Choice Awards we need to see happen again:

Orange is the New Black Winning Best Comedy


As will likely be the case at the Emmys, this year's Critics' Choice Best Comedy Series category was a pretty great line-up. No matter which show won (except The Big Bang Theory; sorry, we just can't), it'd be deserving. Yet we were all relieved when the phenomenal Orange is the New Black took home the award, and if the Emmys know what's right, it won't be the last time the Netflix series accepts a ceremony's biggest honor.

Breaking Bad Cleaning Up


Thankfully, we have a lot of faith in this one repeating at the Emmys, because there's not a TV awards show out there that hasn't acknowledged the brilliance that is Breaking Bad. At the Critics' Choice, the beloved series took home honors for Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor (Aaron Paul), and received nominations for Best Actor (Bryan Cranston) and Best Supporting Actress (Anna Gunn). Sure, it would've been nice to see those guys take home awards, too, but Breaking Bad winning two major categories isn't exactly so, well, bad.

Tatiana Maslany Winning Best Actress


Please, oh please, let Tatiana Maslany win Best Actress in every awards show that exists from now until the end of Orphan Black. The star of the BBC show is extraordinary in every episode and deserves never-ending praise; her many roles are the most demanding on TV, and yet she still manages to gives a performance (or several) that looks effortless. Maslany's lack of a 2013 Emmy nomination was one of last year's biggest snubs, and hopefully, the show won't made the same mistake twice.

Love for Allison Janney


She could be on-screen for 10 seconds, or playing some silly little role — we don't care what the reason is, but it should be a Hollywood rule that if Allison Janney was on TV that year, she deserves an award. The Critics' Choice did an excellent job at noting this, giving the actress not one, but two awards on Thursday, for Best Guest Performer in a Drama (Masters of Sex) and a tie for Best Supporting Comedy Actress (Mom) with Kate Mulgrew. And if people needed any more proof that Allison Janney makes everything better, just check out the R-rated speech she gave while accepting her first award. Who knew C.J. was so dirty?

Uzo Aduba Winning For Being The Best


Specifically, Best Guest Performer in a Comedy, but we're sure the award applies for all the things relating to the ridiculously talented actress. All of Orange is the New Black's cast is wonderful, but Aduba became a rightful breakout star last year thanks to her heartbreaking performance as Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. She'll have a tougher time at the Emmys if she's placed in the Supporting Actress category, but here's hoping she makes the cut.

Scandal's Bellamy Young Getting Noticed

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One of the most welcome surprises at the awards show was Bellamy Young winning Best Supporting Actress. In the past, the Scandal First Lady has garnered praise for her performance on the show, but her co-stars have tended to overshadow her when it came to awards shows. Up against major contenders like Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn and The Good Wife's Christine Baranski, it was doubtful that Young would win — but then, to our happy surprise, she did, and a hugely talented actress got some much-needed recognition.

Nominations for Parks & Rec, Masters of Sex, Broad City, and Inside Amy Schumer

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They may not have won any major awards, but these four amazing shows, among other great contenders, still snagged some well-deserved nominations. Emmys, are you listening?