Sasha Obama's 'Pretty Little Liars' Set Visit Means There's a Good Chance She Might Be A

The best thing about the Obama family is that they're one half presidential family and one half celebrity family. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have both appeared on television shows in the past, but now it's their daughters' turn. Just a short while after we found out that Malia Obama had a TV internship with Halle Berry, it's now been revealed that Sasha Obama took a tour of the Pretty Little Liars set. Does that sound as fishy to you as it does to me? Sure, there's a good chance that Sasha Obama is a really big Pretty Little Liars fan, but she's had plenty of opportunity to tour the set before. Why now? Why during the season where the search for A really seems to be heating up unless... could Sasha Obama be A?

If that sounds like it would come from completely out of left field, please try and remember that surprising twists are pretty much what Pretty Little Liars does best. Every single time you think you've got everything down, it turns out that we don't know anything and the Liars know even less. Ever since the show spun into its own continuity by keeping Mona alive, we've pretty much been playing a nonstop guessing game trying to figure out who the Big A is before the Liars do. (Admittedly, that wouldn't be hard. They're not the brightest bunch sometimes.)

In light of all that, when you really think about it, it would make perfect sense for Sasha Obama to be A. Let's look at all the evidence.

She's Got Better Surveillance.

The real mystery of Pretty Little Liars is how A manages to pull off all her complicated schemes since they would involve a near God-like knowledge of what the Liars are doing, where they're going, who they'll talk to, and how they'll respond to external stimuli. A's omnipotence isn't entirely explained by there being more than one A, sorry. However, presidential surveillance would explain that all very well, wouldn't it?

She Already Has People to Do Her Dirty Work.

Sasha Obama was accompanied by tons of Secret Service agents during her tour of the Pretty Little Liars set. The reason the Liars haven't been able to pin anything on A so far is because Sasha Obama has a highly trained team of professionals to cover her tracks, destroy any evidence, and make sure she's never seen at the scene of the crime. And every time she needs to make somebody disappear, well...

She's Got a Perfect Motive.

If your biggest question is what exactly the daughter of the President of the United States would have against the Liars, then I invite you to remember that Mona made their life hell because Hanna chose the Liars over her. Pretty Little Liars is that kind of show. Maybe Sasha Obama and Spencer used to be tight as children until Spencer made out with her boyfriend behind her back. Spencer was kind of famous for that before Toby, remember?

It'd Be Easy For Her to Acquire an A Team.

The A Team has had everyone from Mona to Toby to Spencer to Ezra working for it and it might even now include Melissa Hastings as well. You know who would be able to inspire that kind of loyalty out of American citizens? The First Family. If Sasha Obama tells you that she needs to destroy the lives of four women that you kind of hate anyway, are you going to tell her no? I didn't think so.

She'd Literally Be the Last Person We'd Suspect.

Currently, Pretty Little Liars seems to be doing its best to build Melissa Hastings up as the big villain of the series, which more or less guarantees that she isn't. Whatever Melissa's endgame is, it's probably not an A game, which leaves us free to speculate about everyone else. Pretty Little Liars fans will have theories about everyone, so revealing Sasha Obama to be A would genuinely take them by surprise.

They've Now Done the Foreshadowing.

The report might say that Sasha Obama just took a tour of the set, but who's to say that they weren't filming during that tour? All I'm saying is, if we get an upcoming episode where Sasha Obama visits Rosewood, then we should take it as all the confirmation we need that the twist of the series finale is the youngest Obama daughter turning out to be A. I called it, you guys. You're welcome.

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