Teresa and Joe GIudice Could Drag the Bravo Ship Down with Them

Gone are the simpler times when The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a show about flipping tables in rage. Instead, Teresa Giudice is now embroiled in a bankruptcy scandal with her husband, Joe. On Wednesday, she finally broke her silence about the allegations, on Twitter, nonetheless, and offered thanks to her fans for the support:

But another party could be held responsible here: the Bravo network itself. The network no doubt made a boo-boo when filming the Giudices talking to their bankruptcy attorney, according to a Fox News report. And that means there are probably a slew of uncut footage starring the Giudices discussing the legalese of their case. Because Bravo isn't a news agency, their First Amendment protections are basically nil. So calling anyone involved in the network — from other stars to executives — to court is free game.

And then there's the question of Bravo's philosophical Dr. Frankenstein liability. The "Real" housewives are known for their extravagance and utter outrageousness. The whole show is a study in the theatre of the absurd. So it could be said that the culture of the reality show definitely was a factor in the Giudices' alleged fraud. Plus, if it's discovered that other personalities and network executives were privy to cash purchases the Giudices made while filing for bankruptcy, that could open up a whole other world of trouble. REAL trouble, not reality TV trouble.