5 Insane Summer Solstice Movies You Need to See (Really, Amanda Seyfried?)

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Netflix's categories demonstrate so clearly, people make movies about the weirdest things. There are films devoted specifically to zombie teen romances, dark mother-daughter dramas, coming-of-age animal tales (seriously, it exists). One of the strangest genres of all, though, has to be the summer solstice movie. For some unknown reason, filmmakers, year after year, think that it's a good idea to make a movie revolving around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the official start of the summer season. You'd think that it'd be difficult to make a high-quality movie about such a specific, boring event — and you'd be right. As far as we know, not one good summer solstice movie has ever been made, and believe us, there've been a lot.

Perhaps we've been missing something, though. For all those movies to get made, there must be something special about the solstice that's had so many filmmakers inspired over the years to make movies about the annual event. We'd probably have to see the movies to find out, but.... we'll just let their descriptions do the talking, instead. The five strangest, most cringeworthy films ever made about the summer solstice:

Solstice (2008)

Endgame Entertainment

About: A girl who, while at a lake house during the summer solstice, feels the presence of her dead twin sister, who recently committed suicide.

Starring: Elisabeth Harnois, Shawn Ashmore, Tyler Hoechlin, Matt O'Leary, Hilarie Burton, and Amanda Seyfried. Yes, that Amanda Seyfried.

Sample review: " Solstice plays like a really plodding version of Pumpkinhead minus the badass looking demon." Sorry, Amanda.

Summer Solstice (2005)

Sonar Entertainment

About: The residents of the Scottish Highlands whose peaceful lives are uprooted during the solstice by a divisive libel case, mysterious newcomers, and someone described as a "seductive authoress."

Starring: Jacqueline Bisset and no one else you've ever heard of.

Sample review: There are none. Because nobody saw it.

Summer Solstice (1981)


About: An elderly couple who reminisce on their lives during a trip to the beach on the summer solstice.

Starring: Henry Fonda and Myrna Loy.

Sample review: "Makes you believe that it is possible to share your life with someone for the rest of your life and not to give up." Aww.

Summer Solstice (2003)

Echelon Studios

About: A brilliant college student who begins a friendship with the young niece of his seaside town's lighthouse keeper. During the summer solstice.

Starring: George Fivas, Joe Estevez, Brook Jenell Slack, and Karen Black.

Sample review: "We're supposed to believe that Joshua is a trapped physics major with the soul of a poet and musician, maybe, but again, a bit of a cliché." A bit?

And, just to mix it up...

The Last Day of Summer (2007)


About: A kid who wishes every day could be the last day of summer vacation, and guess what?! It happens! Inspired by Groundhog Day. Seriously.

Starring: Lots of Nickelodeon kids, including Bailee Madison and Hayden Panettiere's little brother.

Sample review: "Nothing special" — Kid, 12 years old. Wise beyond your years, child.