Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Are Definitely Back On, Because It's 2011 Again

At this point, there’s no doubt that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. Not only did Bieber post and delete a photo of the couple on his Instagram earlier this month (he so knew what he was doing, there), but the two were also caught leaving a Los Angeles recording studio together this week and attending bible study (seriously). Though this may lead some to believe that a music collaboration is in store for these two, since many ex-couples have done that in the past, a fan’s recent video post Instagram puts that theory to rest: It reveals none other than Bieber and Selena leaving a movie theater together after what appears to be a date.

Yeah, that relationship is definitely back on.

As the two leave their movie date surrounded by security and other members from their team, Gomez shows all her fans she’s not afraid to go public as she places her arm around Bieber's shoulders. Similarly, he returns the gesture by putting his arm around her waist. And since everyone knows that hugging people when you're walking is the most difficult and annoying way to walk, it's generally only reserved for someone you care about in a non-platonic way.

“She still loves him,” a source told E! News of Gomez's feelings for Biebs. “It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history. You just can’t drop those feelings. There is too much there.”

Though this on-and-off-again relationship makes me weary when I'm not even part of it, to each their own. Maybe it'll inspire Bieber to stop being such an asshole.