Uh Oh, Are They Back On?

Is Jelena back on? According to Instagram, they might be. On Wednesday, Justin Bieber posted a picture of him and Selena Gomez with the caption "Our love is unconditional." He has since removed the photo, but it lives on in the form of a thousand screen shots. He really needs to learn that once he posts something, it's on the Internet forever. The photo shows the pretty snuggly pair cradling each other's heads. Unfortunately, this was a pretty recent event because Justin Bieber's ironic "patience" tattoo can be seen, and he got that on April 4.

The couple's on-again-off-again charade has been going on forever, which is unfortunate because Gomez once called their first separation "a really bad breakup." She then proceeded to rehash that breakup about a hundred more times. Most recently, the pair was on-again in March when they were spotted together in Texas. But then at the end of April, Bieber unfollowed Gomez on Instagram and we thought maybe this whole thing was finally over for good. Now it's not so clear.

Gomez has had a rough year between the whole Bieber stuff and going to rehab for emotional issues (which may or may be linked to what Bieber put her through). But then she went on her Instagram cleanse about a month ago, and fans hoped she was really changing her life for the better and focusing on herself. The surfacing of this new Jelena photo is a threat to that recovery — because as all of America and probably the world knows by now — Bieber and Gomez just don't work together. The fact that this picture was definitely taken in the last two months endangers that personal happiness Gomez seemed so eager to find.

There is hope, though. We don't know when in the last two months the photo was taken, so it's possible it was snapped before Gomez's recovery really hit its peak during her UNICEF trip to Nepal two weeks ago. It was on that trip that you could tell something really shifted for the singer. Rather than her usual crop of selfies, she took to posting a number of pictures of her work with the Nepali children. She even captioned one, "Why would anything else matter?”

Indeed. So maybe the Jelena pic came before that — there's still a chance that Gomez really is on the road to recovery instead of sinking back into her old, Justin Bieber-dating ways. Let's hope Bieber posting that picture was a momentary act of wistfulness on his part, and not an indication of a reunion. We just want Gomez to stay healthy and have Bieber let sleeping dogs lie — because whatever it is that he has going on, Gomez doesn't deserve to be dragged back into it.