11 Birthday Cake-Inspired Treats Even Better Than The Real Thing

Birthdays come every year (our country's big day is coming up too!) and it's true that a standard cake can get boring (unless we are talking about some of those crazy fondant creations from Cake Boss, I am on board with those). When you're blowing out those candles and sinking your knife into another standard vanilla or chocolate cake (oh, by the way, you've been cutting cake wrong), you're probably wishing it was little more celebratory or funky or unique, right?

Before you get mopey that your birthday dessert is lame, remember that there is another way. I found 11 delicious birthday cake-inspired treats that are even better than a cake itself. Now you don't even need to make that birthday wish.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

birthday cake jell-o shot

This tiny jell-o shot from A Beautiful Mess is cuter than any birthday cake I’ve ever seen.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

ombre donut layer cake

You know what’s better than a cake? A donut cake! This ombre donut layer cake from StudioDIY is too adorable not to make.

Image: StudioDIY

ben and jerry's cake batter

Why eat cake when you can have some of the best ice cream out there. (By “there” I mean at your local super market.)

Cake Batter, $5,

birthday cake martini

Have your cake and drink it too with this birthday cake martini from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

three olives cake vodka

There are a lot of tasty drinks you can make with Three Olives cake-flavored vodka so be sure to keep a bottle around.

Three Olives Cake Vodka,

birthday cake m&ms

M&M’s are at it again with this birthday cake flavor. It’s the perfect on-the-go birthday treat.

Birthday Cake M&M’s, $8,

birthday cake oreo

There’s no better way to celebrate your big day than with these sweet birthday cookies.

Birthday Cake Oreo, $3,

carnival cake topper

If you do decide to make a cake, be sure to accessorize it with something fun like this carnival cake topper from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

birthday cake in a jar

These birthday cakes come layered in a jar, which makes them immediately cooler than a typical cake.

Birthday Cake Jar, $32 (4-Pack),

birthday cake pops

Who doesn’t love a good cake pop? Cake on a stick is the perfect kind of finger food.

Birthday Cake Pops, $27,

funfetti cake mix

Well of course I had to put this on this list. Funfetti is the best boxed cake mix out there.

Funfetti Cake Mix, $4,