Tom Felton Still Feels Sympathy for Draco Malfoy After All Of These Years

As if the Harry Potter cast reunion didn't give you enough feelings of nostalgia, Tom Felton just admitted he still feels sympathy for Draco Malfoy all these years later. Malfoy was always one of our favorite baddies, and many fans haven't let go of that character. In fact Felton said, "I've had a couple of proposals from people who want to adopt me. A few requests to change my name legally to Malfoy. Gifts of homemade potions and spells. I have to admire the level of dedication."

But Felton doesn't have any hard feelings about the character most people know him for. In fact, he still feels sympathy for the young corrupted wizard.

People instantly see others as good or bad, and realistically people aren't like that at all ... To be able to humanize these characters who come across as bad is a joy for me. I like to find sympathy for people who are often begrudged by society.

I don't know what it is about guys named Tom from the UK, but another famous Tom said something quite close to this a while ago: Tom Hiddleston has a similar outlook on his signature baddie Loki. Where some would see an inexcusable villain, Hiddleston sees Loki as "grief-stricken, bitter, lonely, sad, angry, ambitious, jealous and proud — and yet, he has a charm and a playfulness and a mischief.”

It takes a special actor to embrace an evil role and make the character more than just a one-dimensional bad person. For Felton, finding that version of Draco meant a lot and he keeps that in mind as he moves on to new villainous roles. In TNT's Murder the First he plays a ruthless Silicon Valley character and says, "The nice thing about this character is, it's the same as Draco ... It's always a bit of fun for me, the dark side of things."

And it's fun for us to know that Felton hasn't let go of his Potter roots, and our childhood lives on in Felton's future villainous acting ventures.

Image: thetomhiddlestoneffect/Tumblr