'Ladies of London's Juliet Angus Was On Another Reality Show That Wasn't Quite As Posh

Just like thinking (or shouting out loud) to yourself, "Hey, I know that actor from somewhere" is common while watching an old-fashioned comedy or drama series, sometimes reality series can have the same effect. That's certainly the case with Bravo's Ladies of London. We already knew Caprice Bourret did her fair share of stints on reality TV, from Celebrity Big Brother to The Surreal Life to Splash!. But she's not the only lady of London that has past experience with cameras following her around 24/7 and capturing her "real life." Juliet Angus has also been on reality TV before, bringing the outspoken, aggressive personality that we saw play out in "knickergate" to the reality competition Beg, Borrow & Deal back in 2002.

ESPN's reality competition was kind of like a sportier version of The Amazing Race. With only their driver's licenses and the clothes on their backs, two teams of four had to somehow make their way from New York City's Times Square to Al Capone's prison cell on Alcatraz Island, off the coast of San Francisco. Oh yeah, they also had to complete 10 athletic tasks out of a list of 40 along the way. There were a bunch of other rules to make it even more challenging, such as contestants not being allowed to complete more than one task in a state, never accepting or handling money, and requiring that any items or assistance received be used within a 12-hour period. I'm getting exhausted just reading this.

The team that made it to Alcatraz with all their tasks completed first won two tickets to four championship events that year for each of the members. Watch the trailer below.

Angus appeared on Beg, Borrow & Deal long before she lived in London, worked in fashion, or was even married, competing under her maiden name Juliet Rogulewski. At the time she was 25 years old, working as a clips coordinator for NBC, and living in New York City. With her hair a lighter shade of brown and a pair of sneakers on her feet instead of stilettos, Angus looked very different competing on Beg, Borrow & Deal than she does running around London today. However, as the captain of the varsity tennis team and a varsity softball player at Glenbrook North High School in Illinois, maybe she was actually better-suited to appear on Beg, Borrow & Deal than Ladies of London. Her classmates did vote her "Most likely to be on ESPN," after all.

On Beg, Borrow & Deal, Angus was a part of Team Cobi, and her fellow team members included Kelli Zink (the current host of CelebTV ), Bubba Britton ( now the Senior Director of Engagement of the Clemson Alumni Association), and Josh Gates (now a well-known adventurer and TV personality). Angus was just as energetic and outgoing on Beg, Borrow & Deal as the Brits like to keep reminding us on Ladies of London. In one clip of Beg, Borrow & Deal, she candidly admits to Gates and Britton (and all of America) that she hasn't had sex for two months, and she didn't bat an eye asking the guys about their love lives, either.

Angus and her teammates ended up winning the whole shebang on Beg, Borrow & Deal. Apparently, the final task the team had to complete was getting tattoos of their favorite sports teams, and they each got them on their feet or ankle. We haven't seen a hint of a tattoo on Angus yet, but since she grew up close to Chicago, my guess would be that she got some Cubs ink.

The athleticism, strategic thinking, and cooperation Angus showed to win Beg, Borrow & Deal has already helped her on Ladies of London. She always asserts her point-of-view, knows to play nice with Caroline Stanbury, and has the lung capacity to belt out "The Star-Spangled Banner." If this whole Ladies of London thing doesn't work out for Angus, at least she's got a reality-filled resume and athletic skills to fall back on.

Images: Bravo, bravowwhl/Tumblr