Lauren Conrad's Bachelorette Party Disrupter Apologizes for "Misunderstood" Comments

Leaving your own bachelorette party is a pretty big deal, so you know that when that happens, something crazy went down. And that’s exactly what happened when Lauren Conrad left The Office, a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, when she discovered that same sex couples were not allowed to participate in couple games at the location. Now, The Office has come out with an apology from their manager, Carmen Alucano, to explain away their problem.


Alucano said the supposed misunderstanding took place when Conrad and her crew were playing a game at the restaurant where couples squeeze against each other to pop balloons. The emcee that night reportedly made a joke about the ladies playing the game together, according to Alucano.

“We’d like to make a public apology,” Alucano told PEOPLE. “Obviously [the emcee, from an outside company] didn’t mean it to be offense. It’s a huge misunderstanding. We have an emcee that comes in on Thursday nights, and we invite all diners to participate in the game.”

Additionally, Alucano wanted to clarify that the restaurant in no way discriminates against same sex couples.

“We don’t care what sexuality [they are],” Alucano said. “The only thing we don’t allow in the restaurant is smoking. That’s the only rule we have.”

So, this isn’t exactly a heartfelt apology, but I can see that there was some obvious miscommunication. I can’t even imagine what kind of comment the emcee made to make Conrad walk out, but it probably wasn’t that great of a “joke.” To an extent, I can see how The Office wants everyone to know that the emcee’s comment didn’t represent their values, but at the same time, they really need to work on who they hire if they want to keep up their business.