Lauren Conrad Leaves Her Own Bachelorette Party For One Really Great Reason

L.C. just said no to partying and we're so proud of her reason why. While in Mexico for her bachelorette party, Lauren Conrad discovered the venue had an anti-gay policy so she left the celebration immediately. The Office on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas is a swanky restaurant but allegedly, a bit backwards when it comes to human rights. On Twitter Thursday night, Conrad announced to her followers, "The Office in Cabo does not allow same sex couples to participate in couple games. Had to walk out. #equality #StopTheHate".

Now that's the kind of negative business review that should go on Twitter (Sia better pay attention). Conrad was likely was looking forward to her party and could have decided to stay, but instead, she made an adult decision and publicly announced her support for the LGBTQ community. She's grown up so much since her Laguna Beach and The Hills days, and we're so proud.

Conrad wasn't the only party-goer to have a strong reaction to the restaurant's alleged anti-gay policy. Conrad's friend and co-star Lo Bosworth joined her along with Conrad's former roommate Jilli Hendrix and Little Market co-founder Hannah Skvarla. All four ladies tweeted about The Office, encouraging their followers not to frequent the business either.

It's unfortunate that Conrad's party didn't go as planned, but it's nice to know that her sense of morality means more to her than a bachelorette bash.