Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Reunion Protested In Yet Another Amazing Twitter Campaign

In case you haven't heard, or have been trying desperately to avoid hearing about it, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. No matter how you feel about the two of them as a couple, we can no longer deny the fact that they are spending way too much time together for two exes, especially two exes with no hope of a reunion. Sure, we haven't gotten any snapshots of them kissing yet, but give it time. We suspected that Gomez and Bieber's fans wouldn't be pleased to hear about this and it appears that we were right. In fact, some Beliebers launched the Ignore Justin Bieber Project to express their displeasure with this reunion by boycotting Justin Bieber. Of all the reasons in the world to boycott Bieber, I didn't think this would be it.

The topic #ignorejustinproject was trending on Twitter on Sunday, with the rallying cry of, "If Justin can ignore us because of Selena, we can ignore him." Of course, not every Belieber was on board with this plan — because once you've stuck with a guy through prostitutes and DUI you're probably a fan for life — and called the Beliebers involved in the project immature and ungrateful. The topic was then swiftly countered by two more trends from Bieber supporters: #supportjustinproject and #ilovejustinproject.

Of course, none of this is surprising. If there's one thing that Bieber fans are incredibly good at by this point, it's overreacting to things on Twitter. Treating Bieber's rekindled relationship with Gomez as a personal insult to them is just the latest in a long line of insane Twitter reactions.

Boycott Supernatural

Jared Padalecki of Supernatural fame made the fatal mistake of antagonizing the Bieber beehive when he tweeted this little gem to Bieber after Bieber's friend Lil' Za was arrested for drug possession during a police raid of Bieber's home. Beliebers immediately rallied to boycott Supernatural, even attempting to get other fandoms to join them in shutting off the program. Incidentally, the next episode of Supernatural following this crisis was the highest-rated episode of the season to that point.

Bald for Bieber

When an Internet hoax rumor started going around that Justin Bieber had been diagnosed with cancer, his Beliebers immediately rushed to support him with their solidarity. Just in case you thought simply sending a "thinking of you" tweet or maybe some kind of gift would have been sufficient, you might need to remember what fandom you're talking about. Beliebers started shaving their heads for the #baldforbieber campaign to make their idol feel better.

Cut for Bieber

There was once a time when it was only a rumor that Justin Bieber was doing drugs and some extreme fans decided that drastic times called for drastic methods. #cutforbieber began trending on Twitter and it was exactly as horrifying as you can possibly imagine. Nowadays the trend represents one of the Belieber fandom memories and a pretty big warning sign to anyone who was ever thinking of becoming a Belieber.


If you happened to be on Twitter in 2012, you might have caught the single name Jerry trending in April. Who is Jerry? Turns out that Jerry is what Beliebers named the "Bieberconda". The name went so viral that Bieber had to comment on its meaning on a radio show, calling his Beliebers "funny and inappropriate". Without even including the numerous death threats Beliebers typically use Twitter for, they are basically the kings and queens of overreaction. Bieber and Gomez really should have seen this coming.