It's Pornstache Without The Pornstache

George "Pornstache" Mendez might be one of the most loathsome, despicable, easy-to-hate characters on Orange Is the New Black, but the guy who plays him isn't even half as repulsive — or porny looking. In fact, Pornstache doesn't even have a pornstache, and we've got the photo evidence to prove it. Pablo Schreiber is actually a really friendly looking guy! It's pretty amazing to realize how much a moustache makes — er, doesn't make — the man.

In the selfie below, you'll see the man behind the upper lip facial hair. He's smiling, he's welcoming (in a nice way), and he has great abs. And that's not all — Schreiber not only looks totally different than Pornstache, but he acts different, too. Judging by his Twitter, he's got a sense of humor. For instance, he recently admitted on social media that he'd be totally game for an Orange Is The New Black musical starring Pornstache. (Um, BEST idea ever. Hello, YouTube sensation.)

But the biggest difference between Schreiber and Pornstache? Schreiber would never grow a Pornstache. In fact, growing that signature moustache is his biggest fear...

And now, the man behind the 'stache!

"Look, Ma! No Pornstache!"

Image: Netflix; Reddit