Her 1982 Interview Is Adorable

Before becoming a poster child for likability and positivity, before Never Been Kissed, and before her wild, drug-using days, Drew Barrymore was a little kid with no teeth and a whole lot of star quality on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. In this video clip from 1982, you'll see that she was a total star-in-the-making. She's super cute! It's tough to believe this was a whopping 32 years ago.

Granted, Barrymore's looks have changed a ton over the past 32 years (and let's face it — whose haven't?), but it's tough to believe that this little kid, who at the time was just starring in E.T., could grow up to become the woman the Barrymore is today.

And if you find that her cutesy, showbizz-y interview style brings to mind Honey Boo Boo for a hot second, I have to agree. They're both so bubbly and they clearly love the spotlight ... here's hoping Honey Boo Boo winds up as happy and successful as Barrymore. Something tells me the odds aren't in her favor, but fingers crossed.

Anyway, travel back in time and check out this totally adorable young Drew Barrymore. She's so honest and cute, and evolved into quite the successful, talented, and likable lady.