Ariel Winter's Mother Denied Custody of 'Modern Family' Actress Again


Seems Ariel Winter's real-life family is far less comedic than her Modern Family. The star of the hit ABC sitcom's personal life has been placed under the microscope following allegations in 2012 that her mother "slapped" and "pushed" the 15-year-old actress. And now comes news that her mother, Chrisoula Workman, has been denied her bid to regain custody of the Modern Family star.

According to the Associated Press, a judge ruled that Workman would not have custody of Winter until at least Oct. 16. Instead, Winter's older sister, Shanelle Gray will retain custody of the actress as a temporary guardian.

Workman, however, has denied allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Winter, despite the judge's ruling that she had not adequately repaired her relationship with her daughter. Said Workman to the Associated Press, "I'm the one being abused here ... I'm doing this for all stage mothers. This could happen to any of them."

Winter's troubles with Workman began after the two had an argument about the actress' romantic relationship with Cameron Palatas, an actor four years older than Winter. And we can expect Winter's family life to remain under the microscope until Sept. 16, when final custody will be decided by a judge.