'The Fosters' Won't Give Brandon A Break

ABC Family's The Fosters is only one episode into Season 2 and we're already obsessed with what will happen next. Every single character in this hit family drama has had his or her fair share of insane moments throughout The Fosters' first season so it's almost impossible to know what's coming next. And while the focus of the Season 2 premiere seemed to be on Callie finding her biological father and Jude being adopted, the story that seems like it will bring about the most dynamic drama is the possible downward spiral of Brandon Foster.

When we first met Brandon in the series premiere, he was an extremely talented pianist on his way to getting a scholarship, but things start to change drastically when he meets new foster siblings Callie and Jude. Brandon quickly falls in love with Callie and the feelings are reciprocated to the shock and dismay of the Foster family. Obviously, things don't work out for the two inappropriate lovebirds and that, mixed with his father's drinking and other family issues, leads to quite the depression for the young, hormonal teen. By the end of Season 1, Brandon has gotten in trouble with the police, his hands are injured (no more piano for this Foster kid), and he sleeps with his father's new girlfriend Dani. Ick. And in the first episode of Season 2 not much has gotten better for him.

There are plenty of complications in Brandon's past but what about his future? Now that he's still unable to play the piano, things are going to change in a big way. And that's before we even consider the possibility that at any point, his dad could find out about his romantic moment with Dani. There are a few possible ways Brandon's Season 2 journey could go:

1. He Lets It All Out

Sure, it seems crazy. Why would a teenager just admit to all of his mistakes and tell everyone, including his parents, what he's done? If anyone were to pull the trigger on this suicide mission, it's Brandon. After all, he is the one who revealed to the entire family that his kiss with Callie convinced her to run away from home. And he did it at the dinner table, of all places, after his mom had just been shot, of all the possible moments. He could make yet another big confession.

Coming clean would not only clears his conscience, but he allow him to earn respect for his maturity and honesty — then again, hooking up with your dad's girlfriend is really only going to get you the wrath from both parties.

2. He Turns To His Father's Favorite Vice

Brandon has already started to show signs of becoming his father — an alcoholic who once drove Brandon off the road after a dangerous binge. After his breakup with Callie, Brandon turned to a new friend Vico, who in then led Brandon straight to a bar and then straight into the back of a police car in handcuffs. Things don't look great for Brandon so far with busted hands and lingering guilt over hooking up with Dani. It's not entirely out of the question that Brandon, like his father before him, begins using alcohol or some potentially other dangerous activities to keep his cool over the Dani encounter and to mask his obvious sadness over losing Callie. I hope more than anything that I'm wrong, because this kid deserves find success.

3. He Actually Grows From It

Sometimes The Fosters likes to carve its own path and show sides of a family drama that haven't really been done before on a typical teen drama — like starting a romance between foster siblings or showing a loving family that has two mothers as its center. The series could do it again and allow Brandon to realize his mistakes, grow a bit, and start owning up to what he's done wrong in the past. If The Fosters takes that route, we could even see Brandon work that much harder to heal his hands and start playing piano again.

No matter what he does, we know it'll make for great television — and we'd expect nothing less from The Fosters.

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