Demi Lovato Has Purple Dreadlocks Now, Cue Massive Resurgence of the White Girl With Dreads

Some celebrities change their hair more often then the rest of us eat meals and bathe. This is because they have tons of professionals around to indulge their every whim, such as whoever enabled Demi Lovato's new purple dreadlocks.

I am unfamiliar with Demi Lovato's music because I am an Old who mostly listens to Conor Oberst and those of his ilk. I am very familiar, however, with Demi Lovato's hair because she is constantly dyeing and un-dyeing it. I've been really digging this purple and silver ombre situation she's got going on lately, but I'm not sure about the dreadlocks. Mostly because dreadlocks look pretty weird on everyone who isn't Bob Marley.

Demi Lovato can pull off plenty of wacky hairstyles because she's absolutely adorable, so even if the dreadlocks themselves aren't working for me, I have to give her some props. In the photo that she posted to Twitter revealing the new look, Lovato still has one side of her head shaved and is working the "piled on rockstar accessories" thing (there's a giant cross ring involved that would make many a Catholic grandmother faint). She gazes up at the camera over a KILLER pair of black sunglasses with round lenses. Love or hate the dreadlocks, you have to admit that Lovato knows how to make the most of an edgy look.

Image: ddlovato/Twitter