Goats Are Doing Parkour And It's THE BEST

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s official, goats have replaced cats as the Internet’s most-loved animal — especially now that they’re doing goat parkour . Oh yes, you read that right. "Goat parkour" is very real, and it’s very adorable. Many, many thanks the folks over at Modern Farmer for providing us with this goldmine of goat parkour videos. Your work in gathering all of the best gifs and videos featuring goats jumping on things will not go uncredited.

OK, before I launch you into the black hole known as "cute animal videos on the Internet," I should probably give credit to Reddit for starting the goat parkour craze. A couple months ago, someone started a subreddit dedicated to goat parkour videos. However, they weren't the only ones putting a spotlight on our favorite horned friends. Wired, HuffPo, Slate, and numerous other sources noted the trend. Taylor Swift joined in by featuring a goat in her music video for Trouble . (Just kidding, that video was just a beautiful product of YouTube, not Swift.) They even started getting special treatment in the form of tiny wheelchairs.

(Sorry, cats. You knew this day would come eventually.)

Now, goats are everywhere. And they’re doing parkour. And it’s amazing. Take a look at the pioneer of goat parkour, Buttermilk, from the Took Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine, as he does some of his smoothest, parkouriest moves:

Wasn't that the best? Here’s more:

And this:

For more goat parkour, go to! Or, you know, just browse the Internet for a couple minutes. They'll come to you...

Images: Giphy and Modern Farmer