Kanye West Doing Community Service At Fashion Schools, Because Who's A Better Teacher Than Yeezy?

Students who attend L.A. Trade Technical College were in for a Monday treat when the extremely confident fashion enthusiast and self-proclaimed musical genius, Kanye West, stopped by to give a talk about his experience with the world of fashion. Kanye was assigned the community service after he and the paparazzi had an altercation in March. He has 250 hours to complete in total, and he also had to attend anger management therapy.

Assigning Kanye West required hours to visit fashion schools in L.A. and talk about himself and his experience with the industry honestly seems like his dream, so I'm sure Mr. West is pretty satisfied with what the courts settled on. His visit today is the third time he's been to L.A. Trade Technical College in the past six weeks, and he apparently talked for three hours about designers. Mostly Margiela, I'd imagine.

A lot of celebrities have served community service, but not so many have been this glamorous. For him to have such a career and personally focused outlet for his service is certainly a lucky draw. The Kanye fashion-lecture tour isn't stopping at LATTC — according to TMZ he will be stopping by more fashion schools in L.A. Yes, it's community service, but I'm sure people, including myself, would pay to see the Chicago-rapper-turned-fashion-mogul-turned-father lecture. Maybe his next lecture will be on how to revamp your significant other's closet and put other clothing retailers on blast.

Images: Getty Images