This Kanye West Fashion Guide Proves His 'I Am The Nucleus' Statement Wasn't Totally Off-Base

It is no hidden secret that Kanye West takes fashion very seriously. Apparently, he has influential power in the fashion world beyond styling his wife, Kim Kardashian and baby North. Even from his early tour days West has launched trends that would become prominent in later months. Remember the fashion backpacks and collegiate sweaters? Although his style evolved along with his career, a constant that remained was that the fashion choices West made would become a foreshadowing glimpse of the trends we'd be seeing months later. It may appear that West's interest in fashion grew throughout the years, but when we look back at his style choices from the beginning it is clear that he has always been a serious fashion lover. While he originally set style trends with what he wore, as the years passed he began setting trends for what he designed as well.

After West infamously declared "I am the nucleus," everyone was skeptical about how legitimate this self-absorbed statement really was. I mean we all know how much West loves himself — you can't write a song called "I Am A God" and not think you're doing the world a huge favor by existing. Although it is still debatable as to the truth behind his declaration, taking a look back at West's fashion history through this infographic can help us all decide for ourselves. Does West really influence style trends as much as he believes he does? Our friends over at Refinery29 put together a handy graphic to demonstrate that yes, actually, Kanye West has had a major influence on the fashion industry. Ain't nobody fresher than Yeezy.

Image: Illustrated by The Royal Studio