9 Refreshing Gazpachos to Keep You Cool This Summer

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Our winter soups were so demanding. They insisted on caramelized onions and bay leaves, on parmesan rinds and cream. And just when we thought we were done, they made us simmer everything for hours on end. But now, it’s summer — and we have gazpacho.

If we did it like they do in Spain, we’d make all our gazpachos with tomato and cucumber. We’d grind them with a mortar and pestle and pour our olive oil in a slow, steady stream. But really, gazpacho is down for whatever’s in your crisper drawer — for your peaches, your watermelons, the leftovers from your last farmers market binge. With only a food processor and a little imagination, gazpacho will carry you through the dog days of summer.

Image: How Sweet It Is

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