Lana Del Rey Splits from Fiance

Lana Del Rey just can't shake the drama this week. On the heels of the whole "I wish I was dead already" debacle surrounding her quote to The Guardian and Frances Bean Cobain's subsequent Twitter lashing, it appears that the Born to Die singer has something else pretty serious going on. Lana Del Rey has split up with her fiancé Barrie-James O'Neill. The songstress revealed the news of her ended engagement to the Scottish rocker in an interview with Swiss paper 20 Minuten. Continuing her penchant for being unexpectedly candid, Del Rey gave a bit of insight into her tumultuous nearly three-year relationship with O'Neill, but she did stay mum on the exact reason behind their break up.

If her statements to the press have been any indication, there is no ill will being harbored between the couple, just a general concern for the Scott's well being. Before the news of the split, she explained to The Guardian that, "He's a very dark character. He has months on end where it's a really dark stretch of writing and waiting, he has his total own world." She also mentioned the fact that she and her former fiancé, "Have a difficult road." Despite the glimpse into the problems between the two, it seems Del Rey is leaving the door open to the possibility that they may one day reunite, "This was hard on our relationship. I no longer felt free. We'll see how it goes."

It sounds like it was a good thing that the sultry singer removed herself from a relationship that was no longer serving her. She's got too much great music to sing — and too many new floral crowns to wear — to be held back.