What Does Maroon 5 Mean? Adam Levine Doesn't Want You to Know — VIDEO

Good news: Adam Levine no longer has bleach blonde hair. Other news: Adam Levine will not tell us where the name Maroon 5 came from. However, he will tell us how it came to be shrouded in such deep, dark mystery. The Maroon 5 frontman, The Voice judge, and Begin Again actor (yeah, that's right, Adam Levine for the cinematic win!) spoke to David Letterman on Monday night's The Late Show about this enigma in the music industry.

Here's the gist of it: however the hell Levine & Co. came up with the name for their super-popular band, it's pretty godawful. In fact, it's so godawful, Levine has taken to generating an enormous barricade of mystery around The Legend of Maroon 5's Name.

So, obviously, this warrants a brainstorming session. How could the evolution of a band's name be that embarrassingly bad? Was one guy like, "My favorite color is maroon," and another band member said, "my favorite number is five," and then the two high-fived and their name was set? Or is it a sexual term that only makes sense to the minds of those guys?

Whatever it is, you can watch Levine discuss The Origin Story That Shall Not Be Spoken About In Depth with Letterman below.