Mashup Of 'Doug' & 'Orange Is The New Black' Gives Us Yoga Mayonnaise — VIDEO

Here's a fun fact for those of you who didn't know: Constance Shulman, the actress who plays the pot-growing, yoga-teaching Yoga Jones on Orange Is The New Black, was also the voice of the perennial cartoon love interest, Patty Mayonnaise on Doug. (Ah! That's why she seems so familiar!) So now, thanks to the Internet, we have the long overdue "Yoga Mayonnaise," a Doug and Orange Is The New Black mashup, starring both Patty and Yoga Jones.

After all, why shouldn't Patty approach her googly eyed paramour Doug, and tell him the story of how she (SPOILER ALERT for Orange Is The New Black Season 1 coming) grew pot, was a raging drunk, tried to shoot some deer, and accidentally shot a small child? Why shouldn't she break down and tell him her real story of how she wound up in prison? We know exactly what the smitten Doug's response would be — he'd stay all giggly and tickled pink that his love interest actually spoke to him, even if she did recount a violent tale from her past.

It's a fun watch, and it's an excellent trip down cartoon memory lane to boot. (Yoga Jones and "KIller Tofu" for the win!) You can check it out below.

Image: Youtube