When Does Her Next Album Come Out?

Beyoncé made music history when she shocked the world and released an album overnight without any warning. Now another star may be following in Bey’s footsteps. Reportedly, Adele is releasing her next album as a surprise sometime before the end of the year. According to The Daily Star, sources say that Adele’s latest album is already recorded and ready to go. “Theoretically it could be released tomorrow if she wanted,” the source says. “The plan is to release internationally on iTunes as a complete surprise without any previous promotion or build-up publicity campaign.”

Although no date has been announced, The Daily Star is betting it’ll be in October or November. This is great news since it’s been three years (read: way too long) since Adele released an album. Luckily, last month, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer hinted via Twitter that her next album was on its way. On her 26th birthday, she posted a photo captioned, “Bye bye 25…See you again later in the year”

Since she always names her albums after her ages (see: 19 and 21), this is considered a sign that 25 will likely be the title of her latest work. Back in 2012, 21 earned the singer six Grammys, including “Album of the Year.” She tied the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night.

As one who usually keeps to herself, it’s not surprising she’s keeping the music under wraps. She isn’t overly open about her relationship with Simon Konecki or their one-year-old son Angelo. But in Adele’s case, we can assume no news is good news.

Although she’s keeping to herself, it doesn’t mean she’s not getting things done — despite what some sources are saying. Just a few weeks ago, her lack of new music caused The Daily Mirror to speculate Adele has been struggling to write songs, because she’s "too happy." How ridiculous! With a new marriage and baby in her life, it's unlikely she'll be belting out heartbreak ballads. But if anything, that means she has more inspiration than ever. Now it's just a waiting game to see what she comes out with next.